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How It's Made - The Shawn Christopher 7-Fold Necktie

1. Cutting

The right cut is crucial to ensuring the proper shape and drape of the 7-fold tie. Precisely executed with our exclusive pattern, it requires more than double the amount of fabric of a traditional tie.  

2. Hand Rolling

The tips of the blade and tail pieces are hand rolled.  Hundreds of stitches are then meticulously sewn by hand to finish the edges. The real connoisseurs of fine ties appreciate this detail and the craftsmanship that goes into it.

3. Folding & Ironing

The tie is now ready for folding.  A step that can be considered an art form in itself. Instead of sewing in a liner, the fabric is folded from the outer edges into the center seven times. The folds are then gently hand pressed giving the tie its shape.

4. Saddle Stitching

Using a heavy weight thread, sometimes in a contrasting or complimentary color, the tie is sewn together.  This is done using the saddle stitch which allows the stitches to be visible to the wearer.

5. Reinforcing Bar Tacks

Handmade bar tacks are sewn into the outer folds on the back of the tie. This adds to the shape and overall strength helping to ensure a long life for its owner.

6. The Result

And just like that, another perfect 7-fold tie is born. Combining an unmatched quality and detailed construction, it feels as good as it looks.